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Glen Couvillion is an accomplished photographic artist hailing from the vibrant cultural hub of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. With an unwavering passion for capturing the world around him through his lens, Glen has developed a signature style that melds technical expertise with a deeply ingrained artistic intuition.

Glen’s work is distinguished by his deft manipulation of color, light, and composition. His photography often exhibits tastefully oversaturated hues, transforming familiar scenes into evocative, impressionistic tableaux. This unique approach showcases his innovative vision, as he invites viewers to experience the world from his vibrant and often unexpected perspective.

Much of Glen’s inspiration is drawn from the natural beauty and architectural charm of Eureka Springs and its surroundings. From the majestic landscapes that change with the seasons to iconic structures like the renowned Thorncrown Chapel, Glen expertly encapsulates the spirit of his environment in his work. Whether his subjects are vibrant floral blooms or landmarks enveloped in autumn’s golden hues, Glen’s ability to imbue everyday scenes with an ethereal quality is what sets his work apart.

Glen’s photographs are more than mere visual experiences; they are sensory journeys. He meticulously crafts each piece to convey not only the visual splendor of his subjects but also the emotions and atmospheres associated with them. His images extend beyond the realm of physical spaces, providing viewers a deeper, more intimate connection to the locations and subjects he photographs.

As an artist, Glen Couvillion’s work showcases his affinity for both technical precision and artistic expression. His passion for his craft and his dedication to capturing his unique view of the world make him a truly distinctive figure in the world of fine art photography. Glen’s art offers viewers a vibrant window into his world, making each piece a journey worth embarking on.

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More than stunning flowers.

While many have compared some of Glen’s work to that of Georgia O’Keefe, he (like her) is more than just the fine art of flowers.

A gateway to another perception of your world.

Glen Couvillion’s art is undeniably about commonplace items, scenes, and people. But study each image carefully and you will find yourself lost in another world as if by magic.

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Glen Couvillion Fine art Photography

Glen Couvillion. An Artist. Reborn.

Born in the Upper Ninth Ward of New Orleans to a Creole family, Glen earned his chops as a Photographer and Photojournalist in the 1970’s specializing in mostly black-and-white figure studies and landscapes. Also worked as head of the Photography department of a newspaper and journal, doing local human interest and advertising images for publication by magazines, newspapers, and periodicals.

He collected an inventory of over 5000 images. Having exhibits from New Orleans, North Carolina, and Oregon. He had just finished digitizing over 3000 of his images from his collection of negatives in an effort to preserve them in case of fire. They were stored in both a fireproof safe as well as on a hard drive. Then Hurricane Katrina hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast town of Waveland bringing water 6 feet over the roof of his home. Eventually washing it away leaving nothing but the concrete foundation. He also was washed away with 2 small dogs and dragged out to sea as the hurricane’s eye passed directly overhead. But he survived (as did his dogs) and was rescued 6 days later. Now homeless, and without gainful employment he was brought to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to recuperate from his injuries. None of his work created over decades was recovered.

He found work quickly, always gregarious and friendly, Glen was soon operating 2 visitor centers and doing tours in his newly adopted town of Eureka Springs. But though he had survived, and eventually persevered, he suffered from a type of traumatic “creative block” that left him unable to photograph as he did before. Akin to a strange form of “writer’s block”. Creatively frustrated, but otherwise thriving in his new home, Glen always felt that something was missing.

The Creative Urge has to find a way out sometimes, and after a very touch-and-go bout with Covid-19 at the very beginning of the pandemic, Glen was having familiar feelings of the very temporary nature of Life. He took his stimulus check and bought a Nikon camera. Instead of new lenses, he chose to purchase old-school classic Nikon lenses that he had used in his previous careers and artistic endeavors as a photographer. “I find that the old simple lenses that Nikon produced in the early days had a personality that new lenses didn’t seem to retain. The old lenses were works of art. Made and designed by technicians, not computers. Not to say that there haven’t been some wonderful lenses made recently. But I prefer the classic Nikon look.”

He resides still in the quaint Ozark Mountain town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas with his little mini dachshund Roleaux.

Springtime Serenade

Glen Couvillion’s vibrant fine art photograph, “Springtime Serenade,” is an enchanting ode to spring’s revitalizing spirit. Bursting with a palette of tastefully oversaturated yellows and oranges, this work captures a chorus of lilies set against a deep green backdrop. It’s as if you’ve stumbled upon a hidden garden in the cool of a spring evening.

The flowers, some only partially in frame, beckon the viewer into the composition, evoking an aura of delightful discovery and intimate wonder. The decision to exclude some of the lilies from the frame enhances the photograph’s dynamic charm, hinting at an unending bloom beyond the visible.

The starburst shades of yellow and orange lilies are dramatically set off by the lush green background, emphasizing the flowers’ radiant vitality. Despite the amplified hues, the lilies maintain a sense of authenticity, conveying the allure of nature’s grandeur without compromise.

Every detail in the photograph – from the myriad of lilies to the dappled green backdrop – captures the magic of a cool spring evening, complete with the gentle hush of settling dew and the soft rustle of leaves. It’s more than a visual experience; it’s an evocative journey that engages all senses.

This fine art photograph by Glen Couvillion invites you to indulge in a moment of tranquility amidst the chaos of life. The tasteful oversaturation of colors and the captivating composition, steeped in freshness and tranquility, make this piece a perfect addition for anyone seeking to bring the charm of nature’s spring into their space.

This artwork’s vivid depiction of spring’s charm is a testament to Glen Couvillion’s artistic prowess and his keen eye for capturing nature’s most enchanting moments.

Flight of Fancy: Hummingbird in Bloom

Glen Couvillion’s fine art photograph, “Flight of Fancy: Hummingbird in Bloom,” captures an enchanting dance of color and whimsy. This image brings to life a painted metal hummingbird, its red throat and golden wings tastefully oversaturated to capture the eye. Perched on a planter chain and clasping a robin’s egg blue flower in its feet, the hummingbird seems caught in a moment of pure delight.

Couvillion’s artistry lies in his ability to infuse ordinary subjects with extraordinary vibrancy, transforming a simple garden ornament into a charming visual symphony. His expert manipulation of color elevates the scene, turning the hummingbird’s metallic facade into a living, breathing spectacle of nature’s allure.

This captivating piece pays homage to the grace and elegance of hummingbirds while showcasing Couvillion’s signature style. It’s a perfect embodiment of his ability to extract beauty from the most unexpected places, promising a slice of magic and whimsy for any art lover or bird enthusiast.

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